New Patients

About Dr. Spanos

My practice is in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, five minutes from I-40. The office is designed around patients’ comfort and convenience. Parking is right outside the door. Appointments are on time, and are unhurried: I allocate up to an hour for each follow-up appointment (and well over two hours for a first appointment). Phone calls are not delegated to office staff: I answer all calls myself.

My practice is now devoted solely to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), and to conditions that resemble it. Note that I do not accept any insurance payments. This means patients themselves pay for my services, and I supply them with detailed receipts, so that they themselves can seek reimbursement from their insurers.  Medicare and Medicaid do not reimburse patients for my services, but some other insurers do.

I regret that because of big recent increases in the number of people requesting a consultation, I will not be able to schedule new patients until January 2018. Until then, I hope to post more articles on this website for primary care practitioners such as family doctors and pediatricians. They will explain how such doctors can make a provisional diagnosis and start effective treatment, before the patient has seen a doctor with a special interest in joint hypermobility problems such as EDS. For many such patients, their family doctor can manage their care very well, and indeed better than a specialist, since they are close by and very much more available. I suggest that if you are considering an appointment with me, you check this website for these new resources about once a month until January 2018. That month, this column will provide details of how to make an appointment with me, should you still be seeking one.

Alan Spanos, MD, MA