Alan Spanos, MD, MA

Articles to help people with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
get better medical care


These articles aim to help people with hypermobility conditions get better medical care, by providing information for them and for their doctors on diagnosis and treatment. They are based on current expert consensus, as well as my own experience in a practice specializing in the comprehensive care of patients with EDS and related conditions. — Dr. Spanos

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Why Doctors Ignore EDS

The EDS Predicament and How To Get Through It

EDS Diagnosis for Primary Care Practitioners

Common Questions about Hypermobility Conditions

Genetic Testing for EDS

Applying for Disability Due to EDS

Medical Care of Patients with a Hypermobility Disorder

Physical Therapy, Exercise & Braces for People with EDS

Surgical & Anesthetic Precautions

EDS: What Your Specialists Need to Know

EDS for the Gastroenterologist

EDS, HSD and Orthopedic Surgery

MCAS Treatment in EDS