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About Dr. Spanos

My practice is in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, five minutes from I-40. The office is designed around patients’ comfort and convenience. Parking is right outside the door. Appointments are on time, and are unhurried: I allocate up to an hour for each follow-up appointment (and well over two hours for a first appointment). Phone calls are not delegated to office staff: I answer all calls myself.

My practice is now devoted solely to helping people with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), and conditions that resemble it, to get better care in a medical system that largely ignores them. Note that I do not accept any insurance payments. This means patients themselves pay for my services, and I supply them with detailed receipts, so that they themselves can seek reimbursement from their insurers.  Medicare and Medicaid do not reimburse patients for my services, but some other insurers do.

There are articles on this website for family doctors and pediatricians (“Primary Care Practitioners”) that should enable them to both diagnose, and treat, most patients with an EDS or a related condition. The two articles are “Joint Hypermobility Diagnosis for Non-Specialists,” and “Medical Care of Patients with a Hypermobility Disorder.” Click on the “Articles” tab to find them.  I suggest that you read these articles carefully, and see if your local doctor will read them and try to use them to help you.

These two articles enable doctors with no prior knowledge of EDS and related conditions, to make a provisional diagnosis and start effective treatment, before the patient has seen a specialist. For many such patients, their family doctor can manage their care very well, and indeed better than a specialist, since they are close by, usually much more available, and don’t suffer from the “tunnel vision” that is the occupational hazard of specialists.

There are other articles on this website, for doctors and for patients. The titles make clear which ones might be helpful for your individual issues.

If you want to seek an appointment with me, please contact me by email at Tell me briefly what you are seeking from me (a diagnosis, or treatment of a specific problem or symptom, etc.). Also, let me know your age, where you live, and whether you think your local doctor would be interested in learning something about your condition and implementing my recommendations.

I will respond to your message by email within 10 days. If it seems that I should be able to help you, I’ll then send you a package with detailed information about my practice, and a questionnaire you’ll need to complete before we can set an appointment date.

Alan Spanos, MD, MA