New Patients

  • I regret that at present, I am not taking new patients.
  • I can’t respond to emails from people who live outside North Carolina, and are not already my patients. (This is because my medical licensure is in North Carolina only.) However, I am happy to respond to emailed questions from their medical providers, such as doctors or physical therapists.
  • Answers to most questions people send me, about EDS or related conditions, are to be found in the articles on this website. For much more detail, see the book Disjointed, edited by Diana Jovin. Also, go to This site contains many lectures and articles on EDS. Also, it can connect you to local EDS support groups all over the USA. These support groups are your best source of information about doctors in your area with some knowledge of EDS.
  • If you live in North Carolina and haven’t had your questions answered through the resources in the previous paragraph, then you can email me.
  • I’m adding to the articles on this website at a rate of about one a month. They aim to educate patients themselves, as well as their medical providers, on how to improve their medical care.
  • Children and adolescents, living in North Carolina, can be assessed and treated by a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner whose practice specializes in EDS and related conditions. She is Andrea Roberts, PNP, RN, BS. Her practice is in the office of Behavioral & Developmental Pediatrics, 8358 Six Forks Rd, Suite 204, Raleigh, NC 27615. (Phone: 919-720-4000 Fax: 984-232-7919.)
  • In Charlotte, NC, an EDS clinic is being developed for children and adolescents, at the Atrium Health organization. It will be called the ADAPT clinic. Phone (800) 821-1535 to find out whether this has opened yet.

Alan Spanos, MD